Lite Dentistry

Small things make a big difference

Lite Dentistry procedures are minimally invasive, affordable, and capable of dramatically enhancing a smile in a little as two appointments.  

Lite Dentistry Procedures:

When a patient has misaligned teeth contributing to the areas of concern, Invisalign clear aligners are prescribed to keep treatment as minimally invasive as possible and improve the longevity of the treatment.

Most Invisalign patients in our practice finish their aligners in 4 to 6 months.


A natural-looking, minimally invasive, and durable alternative to porcelain veneers.

Treating imperfections like chips, wear, or stains with Cosmetic Bonding makes the smile more uniform and restores its natural beauty in a minimally invasive way.  

Absolutely! We offer the opportunity to experience the proposed changes with Smile Test Drive which is completely reversible. 

Our recommendations are facially driven. Using your face as the guide for creating your smile ensures a beautiful and natural looking result. In cases where you hope to restore your smile to the way it was in the past, we can work off of historical photos. 

Most patients experience zero pain during a Cosmetic Bonding Appointment. Most Cosmetic Bonding procedures require no drilling and thus no anesthetic. 

Bleaching teeth to the desired shade prior to Cosmetic Bonding is necessary if you want them to be whiter.  

No. Teeth with significant structural problems like cavities, cracks, and fractures, often require more traditional dentistry such as crowns. 

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