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Dr. Carl Metz is a leading provider of Invisalign. As a trusted dental provider, the Mesa-based dentist has served the patients in the Phoenix area for over 16 years. His and his team’s passion to serve the patients of Vibrant Dentistry is what has made this practice a consistent industry leader. Dr. Metz and the team at Vibrant Dentistry specialize in procedures that range from preventative measures to cosmetic dentistry. Vibrant Dentistry offers top-quality dental restorations and uses the latest technology and “Made in America” products for treatments such as porcelain veneers and CEREC crowns. Vibrant Dentistry differentiates themselves with their patient care and their use of the most advanced dental technology. Dr. Metz’s sparkling reputation, where 99.4% of his patients recommend the doctor to friends and family, made Vibrant Dentistry an attractive partner for the Invisalign brand.

Transform your smile with Invisalign© clear aligners

Transform your smile with Invisalign clear alignersInvisalign, a clear alternative to braces, provides peace of mind to older adults and teenagers looking for cosmetic orthodontic adjustments and practical teeth straightening. The Invisalign system is a set of clear, hard plastic “aligners” that fit uniquely to custom fit the patient. The team at Vibrant Dentistry use specialized software to map their patient’s mouths in order to produce the perfect fit to support the desired change and provide the maximum amount of comfort to the wearer. Throughout the process, the clear plastic aligners are checked and replaced as teeth begin to correct through the course of treatment. Invisalign is not just limited to straightening your smile. Vibrant Dentistry also uses the Invisalign system to treat overbites and bite alignment. The team at Vibrant Dentistry can educate you on the mechanics and benefits of Invisalign and how it can be the clear choice for you. With Invisalign, you can see noticeable results with your smile in as little as six months.

Some Benifits of Invisalign Include the Following:

  • Comfort – The plastic aligners provide a differentiated experience to teeth straightening. They are designed with the patient’s comfort in mind. The aligners are smooth and feel more like a mouthguard than braces.
  • Aesthetics – Many Invisalign users share that the clear design of the aligners often go unnoticed to others and cannot be detected in photos or selfies.
  • Convenience – Invisalign is fast becoming the clear favorite for older teens and adults. The popular alignment method has become increasingly in demand with patients and dentists alike.
  • Removable – The clear aligners are easily removed for eating, brushing, and flossing. Unlike braces there are no food restrictions that limit the user to softer foods. Patients can keep a regular diet while using the Invisalign system. One of the larger drawbacks of traditional braces is that the user experiences issues with gums as it can be much more challenging to floss with braces. With the clear aligners being removable it becomes much easier to maintain a healthy oral care routine.
  • Easy to Maintain – Invisalign users can easily clean the clear aligners with tooth brushes and by cleaning the aligners with a solution of water and a few drops of bleach.

The team at Vibrant Dentistry can discuss the Invisalign system with you and answer your questions. Their caring consultative approach will ensure all of your questions are answered and your concerns addressed. Choosing any kind of dental approach requires patients to make an informed decision and the Vibrant Dental team takes pride in ensuring that they provide clear answers to your questions and making sure that you are comfortable with your course of care whether that is with Invisalign or not.

Dr. Carl Metz D.D.S. Vibrant Dentistry You can be confident trusting your care to Dr. Metz and the caring professionals of Vibrant Dentistry. Previously named one of the best dentists in the city of Phoenix by Phoenix Magazine. The Magazine called out his team’s stellar customer service, caring approach to dentistry, and his charity. Vibrant Dentistry participates in the Arizona Mission of Mercy and have hosted several events supporting the Phoenix community by offering free fillings, extractions and cleaning to our cities less fortunate. Vibrant Dentistry also prides themselves on making sure that they can promptly see their patients whether it is a dental emergency or need a quick appointment. You can trust Vibrant Dentistry to be available to provide outstanding and caring service whenever you need it.

Vibrant Dentistry’s partnership with Invisalign is the result of a hard-earned reputation of outstanding care, patient advocacy, and commitment to ethical dentistry. Vibrant Dentistry maintains strict standards in accordance with medical ethics. The Vibrant team will not push expensive, unnecessary treatments on you and pride themselves on consultative discussions with patients to understand their patient’s goals. The dentists at Vibrant dentistry make recommendations solely by need and not product promotion. As a brand, Invisalign seeks to partner their products and services with the best dentists in the country and those that share those ethical values of care. The selection of Dr. Metz as a trusted Invisalign provider is yet another achievement for Vibrant Dentistry. Envision and trust your new smile to the caring professionals at Vibrant Dentistry and Invisalign.


No two teeth are identical and we believe not all dental care is created equal. We’re so thankful that you would choose Vibrant Dentistry and allow us to serve your dental needs. Our team and I look forward to welcoming you and your family.

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