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Dr. Carl Metz DDS provider of cosmetic dentistry in Mesa, AZ Have you ever wished your smile in a photo looked better than it does? Have you caught yourself hiding your smile or holding it back altogether out of embarrassment? The great news is that modern cosmetic dentistry techniques can address your concerns and many are noninvasive and painless! There is no need to hide it any longer; the team of Vibrant Dentistry is here to help you love your smile! At Vibrant Dentistry in Mesa, Arizona we believe cosmetic dentistry is about uncovering the beauty that already exists to ensure a natural result that will leave your friends wondering what you have done to look so great! There are many factors that affect the overall appearance of your smile including the size, shape, and position of the teeth, gums, and lips. Habits like clenching, grinding, nail biting, and ice chewing must also be considered when selecting the type of treatment to be performed. When choosing a cosmetic dentist to assist you with enhancing your smile it is critical they understand and properly address all of the factors that impact the appearance, longevity, and health of your smile. At Vibrant Dentistry we will address your cosmetic concerns in ways that enhance the health and function of your smile.

Tooth Position

Teeth and the supporting bone and gums are designed to withstand the incredible stresses of normal function if they are properly aligned. Misaligned teeth chip and wear at the edges and gumline, experience gum recession, and are more likely to have bone loss. Properly aligning teeth can now be accomplished with clear aligner therapy, which eliminates the need for metal brackets and wires in most cases. As an Invisalign provider, the team of Vibrant Dentistry will asses the current alignment of your teeth and review options for improving it if necessary.

Tooth Size

A common condition in patients seeking cosmetic dentistry is an upper front tooth which is smaller than its counterpart on the other side, often referred to as a peg lateral. As mentioned earlier, there are many individual things to consider when using cosmetic dentistry to perform a smile makeover but the way they all relate to each other is proportion. You are unique in every way and your smile is no different. By focusing on the proportion of each factor and how it relates to every other factor, we avoid creating a beautiful smile that “just doesn’t look right”. Another factor that affects tooth size is the position of the gums. If they are too high around a tooth like a turtleneck the tooth looks much smaller than it actually is. As you look at someone’s smile your subconscious mind is evaluating its symmetry and proportion starting in the middle. If one tooth looks different than its counterpart on the other side whether it actually is different (a peg lateral, has a crown that doesn’t match), or appears different (the gum is higher or lower on one of them), then the smile is not viewed as favorably. Even though you may not be able to explain why someone’s smile is less appealing, you have subconsciously evaluated it based on symmetry and proportion.

Tooth Shape

The shape of teeth may be a result of genetics, early wear because they don’t line up correctly, or traumatic injury. When one or two teeth are affected, the symmetry of the smile is negatively affected. When all of the teeth are affected in cases of severe wear, the smile may be symmetrical, but the ideal proportions of tooth size are destroyed which makes the person appear much older than they are.

Gum Position Size and Shape

The position and health of the gums around teeth are critical factors of a beautiful smile makeover. Whether the gums are too high or too low, there are techniques to address the issue and restore symmetry to the smile. Just as a crooked frame would detract from a beautiful painting, improperly positioned gums will detract from beautiful teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a safe, effective way to enhance your smile! While over the counter products do work over time, their “one size fits all” design often leads to poor fit. The concentration of whitening agent is significantly lower which requires more frequent application to achieve results. Many patients find it hard to wear them as frequently as necessary because the poor fit is annoying and in some cases causes gum irritation. Our custom fit trays ensure the higher concentration of whitening agent stays where it should to get your teeth whiter quicker and keep your gums comfortable. For people looking for immediate results, Vibrant Dentistry uses the latest laser technology to lighten teeth several shades in about an hour and a half with little to no sensitivity. Most patients prefer to jumpstart their whitening with our in-office laser whitening and follow up with at-home whitening trays to maintain their bright smile over time.

Internal Whitening

Do you know someone with a single dark tooth? Often times this is the result of a dead nerve in the tooth or an old root canal. Whatever the cause, the color change occurs so slowly over time that the person usually doesn’t recognize the dramatic difference in their smile until it is brightened back to it’s normal color. The most common comment our internal whitening patients make after their treatment is that they can’t believe they waited so long to address it.

White and Brown Spot Treatment

White or brown spots on one or more front teeth can often be treated painlessly and conservatively in one appointment. At Vibrant Dentistry we use MI Paste and Microabrasion techniques to remove these problem areas without drilling on the tooth.

Porcelain Veneers

When significant changes in the shape and color of a tooth are necessary to achieve a great cosmetic result, porcelain veneers are an excellent option. Vibrant Dentistry partners with only the highest quality local laboratory to make sure your veneers are beautiful and lifelike.

Porcelain Crowns

There are many types of porcelain crowns that can be used to make changes to the position and size of a tooth. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages; which is why choosing a cosmetic dentist with experience, like those at Vibrant Dentistry, is critical. Porcelain crowns prevent the grey gumline that many old crowns with metal experience. They are also more translucent and lifelike than the old opaque crowns.

Dental Implants

In many cases the best long-term cosmetic result is achieved when missing teeth are replaced by dental implants. They are the only way to replace the root portion of the missing tooth with prevents the bone in that area from dissolving. However, there are some cases when the best cosmetic option for replacing a missing tooth is a bridge and knowing when and how to do so effectively is critical.

Connection and Understanding

The most critical component when considering a cosmetic dental procedure is being heard and understood by your cosmetic dentist. At Vibrant Dentistry we insist on getting to know our potential patients on a deep level. Only after we have taken the time to truly understand your dental history, concerns, fears, hopes, desires, and goals will we make our recommendation. We utilize photography and models to assist you in understanding your current situation, all of your options, and similar cases we have completed. And whether you decide to move forward with treatment or not, we will continue to be available as a resource in your journey toward dental health.

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